Weekly Course

In-depth journey, designed especially for women who love women, about sacred eroticism, love and self discovery

what to expect

The Weekly Course And Its Benefits

Learn to feel appreciated by yourself instead of endlessly searching for validation on the outside
Harmonise your body and feel very good in your skin
Understand the difference between instinctual, animalistic sex and a sublime journey to exquisite pleasure and sacred eroticism
Learn the intricacy of love making between women and how to make your lover ecstatically happy in intimacy
Find meaning in experiences where people only find fun
Overcome emotional fluctuations and feelings of unworthiness
Module 1

Tantric lovemaking

running both In person in London and online
Monday 16 september - monday 28 october

- Tickling technique to awaken the erotic energy
- Polar roles in intimate games
- Techniques for maintaining intensity and passion in love making
- Tantric positions in love making between women
- Stages of tantric lovemaking to help the two lovers access deep love, fulfilment and extraordinary happiness
- Energetic orgasm: how and why to practice it
- Esoteric notions about the zodiac signs as a way to awaken all the qualities of the zodiac signs within your being  
- Oral lovemaking between women
- Art of kissing
- The extraordinary role of erotic love between women according to ancient spiritual traditions and tantric texts
Module 2

Couple relationships

both In person in London and online
Monday 4 november - monday 16 december
- Tantric techniques to keep the desire alive in your love relationship
- Secret esoteric moments to involve in a couple relationship
- Self acceptance and love as essential keys for a happy and fulfilling relationship
- Couples asanas: yoga in pairs as a powerful method to deepen intimacy, love, soul connection and assimilate energies and qualities from each other
- Self transfiguration and transfiguration as a practice to elevate the consciousness
- Presentation of feminine deities from different cultures throughout history and awakening the creative power within
- The tantric perspective on erotic love between women: cutting through shame and taboo  
Module 3

The archetype of the amazon woman

Both In person in London and online
Monday 20 january - monday 3 march
- The immense value of dignity for a happy, successful and fulfilling life
- Developing an unshakeable self confidence and self value which does not rely on external validation
- Courage and the important archetype of the amazon woman who has awakened her full independence and power within
- The power of materialisation and success
- Will power and activating your inner fire
- Overcoming limitations and the nature of the ego
- Awakening consciousness to live in full self awareness and inner harmony  
online and in-person in london

Each Module Includes

- 7 x 2 hour sessions of full tantric knowledge, in depth study, practice and interactive exercises
- Direct guidance from and Q & A sessions with experienced tantra teachers
- Tantric practices for awakening the sensitivity of your body, energy, heart and consciousness
- E workbook and weekly mini assignments to put everything you learn into practice (your personal practice outside of the classes is what will bring you the results and make the difference in your life)
- Tantra yoga practice for awakening your erotic energy, sensuality and balancing your energies and mood
- Sapphic network of hearts: heart to heart connections and support in a sacred space of love and awareness
- Access to an exclusive telegram group to exchange with other like minded women and the teachers
- Prerecorded guided exercises for home practice
- Guided meditations
- Recordings are available for each session

Please Read Carefully

Please come in soft, comfortable clothing, and on an empty stomach, as we often do yoga exercises that require you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We have yoga mats and blankets.

We wish to create a loving, supportive, and safe space, and we will also invite you to take some steps out of your comfort zone, as that is where growth and true inner awakening appears. You are encouraged however to go only as far as you feel is right for you.

There will be no explicit erotic interaction during these modules. The erotic practices we teach are to enhance your life and your love relationship.

The course is designed for both singles and couples and is of great benefit for both.